Zaenkert Surveying Essentials
At Zaenkert Surveying Essentials (ZSE) we strive to manufacture the best quality survey stakes you will ever use:

   * We use only selected premium hardwoods, resulting in  
      less breakage. Saving you time and money.

   * Our stake have four smooth sides for easy writing.

   * Our hubs have pencil points for easy and straight driving.

   * ZSE also carries a huge inventory of supplies!
Your home for hardwood survey stakes!
Whether you need a survey stake for construction, surveying, pipelines or utilities, Zaenkert Surveying Essentials has a stake for your industry.
                              Why Choose Us?
                                    We built our company on 3 basic principals

                                    1. Great Product!
                                    2. Great Service!
                                    3. Reasonable Price!
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Hari Gumanju setting a point with one of our quality hubs. Photo taken in Baghdad, Iraq.
Building America one stake at a time!
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